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This page offers a free, full-featured, 14-day trial of Virtual Exercise. You will need to enter 0 in the "Name a fair price" box to the right. You will also need to buy the required sensor hardware from the links below. Ready to buy the full version? If so, you can buy it HERE!

Using our amazing Virtual Exercise software, you can exercise to any mp4 video that you create, purchase, or download, using any treadmill or exercise bike. By attaching an inexpensive stride sensor to your shoe, or a bike sensor to your bike, your exercise speed controls the video playback speed to create an ultra-realistic exercise experience. Increase your exercise speed and watch your movement increase accordingly thru your virtual exercise environment. Your important real-time exercise stats are displayed at all times on your workout screen and saved to your Leaderboard at the end of the workout. With so many customizable options, you can make every workout a unique workout!


  • Exercise to any .mp4 video including our inexpensive VE Exercise videos.
  • Create your own GoPro or similar videos to exercise to.
  • Walk or run on any treadmill using a stride sensor.
  • Bike using a bike sensor on any bike trainer or stationary bike.
  • Or, if you purchase both sensors, you can choose to walk, run, and bike during the same workout!
  • During your workout, choose to display any of the following exercise parameters: Elapsed Time, Current Moving Speed, Completed Distance, Current Pace, and Current Cadence.
  • All completed stats are saved to a Leaderboard for workout comparisons/progress.
  • Save any workout to complete at a later time.
  • Pause any video if you need to take a break.
  • Change the speed that the workout video was recorded in so that every video can be used for a walking, running, or biking workout.
  • Infinite users can be created so each has his/her own Leaderboard and Saved Workouts list.
  • Video audio can be muted to allow you to exercise to your own song playlist.
  • The Video Audio can be synced or unsynced to the video playback speed.
  • Challenge yourself to workout to your favorite movie or TV show by maintaining a consistent moving speed that matches the program's recorded video/audio speed.

Purchase our inexpensive, optimized VE Exercise Videos HERE.

Download a Free VE Exercise Video to try HERE.

Links to order the required fitness sensor hardware can be found HERE.

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Virtual Exercise Trial

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